Analogue to Digital Audio Transfer Service

Record to Disc Transfer

We transfer analogue media to standard CDr format. The CDr is surface printed with artist name & album title if applicable. Usually this is supplied in a library case. Sorry but we do not undertake any artwork due to being almost blind it would be a disaster!

The CDr should play on 99% of CD players and it is extremely unlikely that yours will not play them, if you are in doubt we can send you out a sample disk for you to try first if you prefer.

Transfer Vinyl Records & 78 rpm Records

These are first professionally cleaned on the Moth RCM Pro Record Cleaning Machine using best quality organic cleaning fluids from the USA, to give us the best possible recording we can of your records, this will not help rectify scratches, surface grazes or abrasions or damaged discs. With records that have multiple tracks you can either have a Basic Conversion which records the disc as simply Side One and Side Two, just two files or tracks you will not be able to skip from one piece of music to another. A Full Conversion will mean you will be able to skip from one piece of music to another just like a commercially purchased CD.

We run the record via the CEDAR AUDIO DDC to restore ‘best possible’ clarity of voice and instruments thus reducing the effect of pop and crackle plus reducing unwanted background noise to a best possible level. Once we have captured the recording to a digital .wav format we can then edit and compile as necessary to complete the audio transfer prior to burning to a CDr.

Transfer Cassette Tapes

We do a standard de-hiss of all cassettes and do an audio clean up of the sound file but we do not claim to be actual audio restoration specialists, as this is a very specific area of audio engineering. Depending on the cassettes running time these are charged accordingly. If we are converting your own compilations keep in mind the length of your cassettes as only 80 minutes will fit onto a CD in CDA format, if a tape is longer than 80 minutes then we would put Side A of the tape on one CD and Side B on a second CD. Ideally there should be at least a 3 or 4 second gap between tracks to enable us to separate tracks easily.

Transfer Reel to Reel Tapes

These are charged at an hourly rate because of the more time needed in converting them, often they need re-spooling and winding, even untangling and the duration of a tapes contents is not exact in some cases so requires closer monitoring through recording. Reel to Reel tapes had several speeds that could have been used in recording and also taking into consideration the track configuration of mono or stereo all often lead to unknown tape running times.

Note: Recording Tape

Recording Tape used on cassettes, open reel and cartridge can become bery brittle with age, usage, storage; it is worth fast forwarding and rewinding your cassettes prior to sending to re tension and check playability (it is also worth making a copy if possible) as we cannot be held responsible for tape breakage during transfer due to the fact that the previous conditions of the materials were not under our control. We do not do any tape repairs.

If in doubt give us a shout…!!

If and when you choose to transfer any LP records, Cassettes or Reel to Reel Tapes by us, you’ll only need do it once – you then have your music or audio for many years to come, we don’t charge £35 an hour studio time, but we do charge a fair price for a good job done, and which saves you hours of time and frustration trying to use unfamiliar software and equipment to do your own. See our price list.