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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I bring my records or tapes to you?

Yes, Please contact us first to arrange a mutually agreed time.

Can you do the work while I wait?

Sorry we cannot, we work in batches, often doing editing of audio files while other material is recording & have to allow time for those challenging jobs!

Do I get my records and tapes back?

Yes of course, we record from them to create a digital file to then work on.

Do I have to pay for return postage?

Yes, our price list shows prices excluding any postal charges, contact us for a quotation.

How long does the job take?

Usually we aim to turn our work around in 5 to 7 working days but this will depend on our workload at the time and how much work is involved in your job, contact us for details.

My tape has some loud humming noise can you get rid of the noise?

Difficult to say without hearing it, but we do our best to clean up those unwanted noises to best possible. Please bear in mind we do not do audio restoration as such as this is a specialist area of sound engineering and can cost as much as £50.00 per hour by companies that do this work.

If I buy a record from a company can I get it delivered direct to you?

Yes, it saves you a bit of postage but we cannot be responsible for the condition of the record before it arrives or is lost in transit.

Do you do any art work on the CD?

Sorry no, we pitch our prices based on straightforward audio transfer, plus as my website reads I am visually impaired so my art work would be a disaster! on a serious note though you also have to bear in mind copyright of the material.

Will I be able to skip from track to track on my CD?

Yes we do separate tracks as appropriate on records and tapes unless otherwise stated.

The surface of my record is quite soiled does it matter?

We will professionally clean all records on a record cleaning machine with the appropriate cleaning agents, this removes any surface dust and dirt but will not lessen the effect of any grazes or abrasions or even scratches on the playing surface. We use hardware/software technology to deal with this to minimise unwanted noise to a best possible level.

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