Price List

As a Guide for converting the following media we charge (not including P&P):
(Every record is cleaned prior to transfer)

12 inch LPs Both Sides £18.00
12 inch EPs Both Sides £15.00
7 inch Singles Both Sides £9.00
7 inch EPs Both Sides £12.00
78 rpm Discs Both Sides (Shellac & Acetates) £15.00
Cassette Tapes Up to 60 minutes (per tape) £18.00
Cassette Tapes 60 to 75 minutes (per tape) £21.00
Cassette Tapes 75 to 90 minutes (per tape) £24.00
Reel to Reel Tapes Per Hour Rate £18.00
Minidisks Per Hour Rate £18.00

All the above prices do not include return post and packing, contact us for quotation.

Post & Packing

Return Postage is charged according to the postal provider, we return material either by First Class Recorded or First Class Standerd Parcel Rate. If your material is especially valuable to you then Special Delivery is advised. We also use Parcelforce 48 hour delivery for a guaranteed 48 hour signed for service, genarally when sending over 10 LPs.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any items that arrive damaged or are lost in transit due to poor labeling. We will contact you immediately to let you know if goods arrive damaged. We cannot be held responsible for items that are subsequently lost in the post by the carrier, if this does occur we can only seek basic compensation from the carrier, be mindful that a second hand value for an LP is very minimal e.g. £3.00 and true collectable or sentimental value cannot really have a price put on it for insurance terms, special delivery is probably the best way to send and return if you want to be sure of safe guaranteed delivery.

Packaging Tips

To save on postage it is not worth using less packaging, vinyl LPs, Singles are quite robust providing they are not bent, 78s are a little brittle (not the metal based ones though), so it is best to cut squares of thick cardboard slightly larger than the LP sleeve and sandwich the LPs etc between the layers of card. Adhesive tape this bundle together and then put bubble wrap or (you could use a few layers of newspaper) around this and then put into a final thick paper outer layer.

If using a box to pack materials in then you can use screwed up newspaper or foam chips to pad the box out, all in all the records are more likely to get damaged if they get bent or buckled hence the need to keep them rigid.

Before sealing and posting your materials check you have enclosed your name, address, telephone number, email address in case we need to contact you, also put your address on the back of the package just in case the postal carrier have to return your package due to non-delivery.