About MK Vinyl2CD

MK Vinyl2CD, a professional analogue to digital audio transfer service founded by Gary Ankin in 2003.

Gary pictured with his Guide Dog Zag
Gary & Zag 2012

Hi I’m Gary Ankin and I started MK Vinyl2CD in 2003, following on from gaining knowledge at a specialist college for the blind that access software was available out there to enable me to continue my skills of audio technology by transferring my own LP records to CD which then followed by doing audio transfer for family and friends as a hobby. I am visually impaired and enjoy everything audio – no surprise when my eyes don’t work but my ears do! I now quite simply offer this professional audio transfer service to you.

Guide Dog Charlie pictured with his paw out
Farewell ‘Charlie’ 7 Sept 2012

If and when you choose to transfer any LP records, Cassettes or Reel to Reel Tapes by us, you’ll only need do it once – you then have your music or audio for many years to come, we don’t charge £35 an hour studio time, but we do charge a fair price for a good job done, and which saves you hours of time and frustration trying to use unfamiliar software and equipment to do your own. See our price list or our transfer service page for more details.

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