Thoughts aloud!

Thoughts aloud !
Keeping busy doing the physical work (audio transfer) means I do neglect Facebook and writing bits and pieces on the MK vinyl 2 CD pages, I know it is something we should do but when push comes to shove 
would customers prefer to get their audio transfer projects back in reasonable time and would it be a fair excuse to say ‘sorry I have been so busy updating my Facebook Page, Twitter tweets, Google My Business, Testimonial on the Web Page and blogs for my site as well and sorry but my prices will have to go up as I am having to spend quite a few hours a week writing words for itall.
What a moaning person I am today, well currently I have just transferred a Cassette to Cd and now doing some back ups of my work files which will take a few hours as there are hundreds of audio files to format and 
The Reel to Reel Tapes have been coming through in abundance lately I think sometimes the New Year gets people in the mindset of getting some of those audio projects done rather than sitting in the cupboard 
degrading further until maybe just a few monts down the line the tape will not smoothly run and cannot be transferred and the audio contents becomes lost forever.
I often ponder about the amount of vinyl records  I transfer and there is still so much out there that is untapped, unplayed and never heard I guess some people do not realise the merits of the power of audio 
especially thos treasured family gems, I recently did a couple of 78rpm shellac records from 1933 and they were priceless to the owner as they contained voices of Great Grandparents which had never been heard by 
current members ofthe the family.
I have also completed this week an ongoing project for a family of 22 reel to Reel Tapes being recorded mostly back in Malta in the late 1960s when they were stationed with the forces there.
I have also had a fair few audio cassettes to transfer ranging from family telling stories of WW2, memories of the Somerset and Dorset Railway back in the early 1960s in particular the winter of 63 with snow drifts in the 
area literally covering the train!
Also very memorable was a Reel to Reel tape from 1988 which held 3.5 minutes of audio of the customers late Mother and the only voice recording in existence.
Again all testimony to the power of audio.  So if you have any media to transfer do not delay in getting it transferred as it may be lost forever.  Take a look at you can read a bit about us and what we do.