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A customer Question

Talking with a customer last week on the phone the question he asked was ‘Why should I choose MK Vinyl 2 CD?’…..

First and foremost my answer was I have been doing audio transfer work since 2003 I have learned an awful lot and am 100% comfortable that the audio transfers I do are done in the most efficient, effective and cost economical way to produce good results that customers really want.

We communicate with our customers confirm safe arrival of their media and do what we say on our website www.mkvinyl2cd.co.uk by first professionally cleaning all vinyl followed by recording on quality reliable turntables then that signal is sent to the www.cedaraudio.co.uk hardware from a world leader in sound & audio forensic technology. We manually separate tracks not relying on time saving software that can make drastic mistakes when trying to find those gaps in audio files the final audio is compiled to a high quality CDr disk in most cases but can also be made available to you in other digital formats like MP3, FLAC or wav on flash drives (USB memory sticks).

Audio tapes whether Reel to Reel or Cassette are all captured on quality reliable studio machines such as Revox, sony and Teac and the audio files edited and produced to the best possible quality we can achieve based on the audio condition of the original media that is sent to us.

Finally we take pride in returning the media in a well packaged and protected parcel and we email you to let you know in advance that the order is on its way, the final stage in the process is for the customer to pay us of course.