our Work Goes On…

since my last post there have been many changes in our lives still coping
with the COVID pandemic and although in many cases we have sort of evolved
in the way we cope, wearing masks in shops, social distancing and making
decisions about where we go and what we do to make us feel safe.

My work in audio transfer has increased probably due to many people taking
time to discover old media found in lofts and cupboards, in particular Reel
to Reel Tapes to have transferred to digital for the future possibly
thinking along the lines of now or never maybe a sort of ‘nesting’ feeling
that we may desire to get things in order while we can for passing on keep
sakes or family treasures, I think it gives a comfort zone in taking control
of what was in the past.

I have been fortunate to be able to keep my work going as it would only stop
if there were no demand and although initially there was a noted downturn in
personal callers again with social distancing customers now bring media to
the door and then collect when done, before customers were invited in and
got a look at the workroom where ‘it all goes on!’

I still thrive on those long unheard gems of audio and often wonder how and
why certain medial comes to my attention just this week I was asked to
transfer from a part full 7 inch ‘Master’ Reel to reel two songs done back
in 1969 by a young Les Charles whilst seeking an opening in the music world
and this reel was two songs recorded at Pye Studios by Les Charles with his
very first manager, it seemed no one was really interested in the songs that
Les had written and performed however that young man later was known as
Billy Ocean a more popular name in music throughout the 1970s and 80s and
still is making music today