Merry Christmas 2019

Just want to share a brief reflection of why I love my work, I was contacted
by a 93 year old gentleman from Glasgow who had an audio cassette he
recently found, the recording was of his now 86 year old sister playing
piano and singing, this recording was made by this gentlemen 40 years ago.  
His sister  who is now sadly in a nursing home has no means of playing the
cassette and did not know it was still around, I was sent the cassette to
transfer to digital and put on a Cd, the tape was not in great shape so I
needed to bake it to dry it out so it would hopefully run smoothly time was
of the essence as the tape only arrived on Thursday morning I put the tape
into bake for 10 hours, I then recorded the audio to digital, there were no
gaps between the songs so I had to find the end and start of each song and
put in fade in and fade outs with a short gap, there were 18 songs, I then
transferred this to Cd with an extra copy at no charge as a gesture of
goodwill so he could keep a copy for himself.

I posted the package by special Delivery yesterday, I phoned him to let him
know the delivery status at 9.00 this morning, just in case he was going
out, luckily royal Mail has an app that tracks the package and is accessible
on my iphone it told me the package would be delivered before 1.00pm today.

The gentle man phoned me at 12.45 to say the package arrived safely at 10.30
and he had spent a lovely hour listening to his sister singing and he is
taking the CD to her in the nursing home on Christmas Eve her fellow
residents have never heard her sing so it is a surprise to his sister to get
a CD and the other residents will hear her sing, he said it had made his
Christmas and I was a true gentleman for working so hard to get the Cd back
to him and the time taken in tidying up the recording.

To me this was the reward for my work making a very  old man  and his sister
so happy for Christmas as he said to me he and his sister may not be around
next year, very thought provoking and certainly tugged at my heart strings.

Merry Christmas