Finally the time has come for a price increase

And Now the time Has come and We Face Our first Price Increase For Six years !
Like any business we have for a few years absorbed the costs of running  the business, Postal Costs, Equipment costs and more importantly when 
trying to maintain retro equipment the costs for parts and the use of good engineers has soarred, as an example the overhaul of a tape deck was just 
under £300 recently, the cost for 78rpm stylus are now at £110 each and I need to keep four sizes, the stylus for my main turntable costs £225 and 
now  I have made the decision to increase my prices but on a comparison with other audio transfer businesses I hope to  remain the most favourable 
on price and reliability having been in existence for now 16 years.
12 inch LPs Both Sides £19.00 
12 inch EPs Both Sides £15.00 
7 inch Singles Both Sides £9.00 
7 inch EPs Both Sides £12.00 
78 rpm Discs Both Sides (Shellac & Acetates) £15.00 
Cassette Tapes Up to 60 minutes (per tape) £18.00 
Cassette Tapes 60 to 75 minutes (per tape) £21.00 
Cassette Tapes 75 to 90 minutes (per tape) £24.00 
Reel to Reel Tapes Per Hour Rate £18.00 
Minidisks Per Hour Rate £18.00 
The above prices do not include postage and packing as this varies according to weight and service used.
I still like to think that I go the extra quarter mile to deliver the high standard of service and quality customers expect and customers remain true and 
loyal and have a few tapes or records transferred a couple of times per year to spread the costs when they have large quantities to do.
Our Testimonial page at shows the feelings of our past customers and as always we are pleased to be of help.
Gary Ankin
Professional Audio Transfer – Established 2003
Tel: 01395 274557
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