Over the past 16 years I have worked on a variety of projects for hundreds of customers
using our audio transfer services and even in these times living under the
early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic our work, (greatly reduced workload),
still goes on, thankfully the Postal & Parcel services are doing a fantastic
job of serving the nation in so many ways delivering not only essential
items but also goods that personal customers need to support themselves and
their loved ones along the way.

It goes without saying that the frontline workers in all aspects of the
health Services are doing an immensely valuable job in a bid to save lives
and this is reflected in the nations response to the Clap for Carers
nationwide applause to thank our NHS and key workers – here’s how to get
involved it is so easy just either open your window, stand outside your
front door or in the back garden at 8.00pm on Thursday evening and offer a
rousing round of applause for a couple of minutes – you won’t be alone!

We must also think of thousands of others supporting the country to keep us
all fed goods delivery drivers, food growers, food suppliers & processors
and undoubtley the shop staff themselves who are in work and in the midst of
thousands of people everyday with much more chance of contracting the virus
than those who can of course stay at home.

If you have like others taken time to commence a project of perhaps sorting
out favourite LP Records or Singles, audio Cassette Tapes, or come across
some reel to Reel Tapes in that box in the back of the cupboard then feel
free to contact us to offer advice in transferring that audio gem to digital
we are only an email, phone call or indeed Post Box away. some of our
customers are using delivery Services like DPD or Parcelforce to have their
packages collected from outside their front door and delivered to us which
means no trip to the post Office.

In closing, I hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe in these
challenging times and of course at the time of posting this it is still very
early days in the lock down process in our bid to stop the spread of this
dreadful virus and gradually move us all back to a more acceptable way of