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Brief Update

Things have been a bit quiet over the Summer maybe everyone has been out and about enjoying the lovely warm sunshine and that relative freedom since the previous lockdowns.

Amazingly there are still many Reel to Reel Tapes out there revealing those audio gems from the past and voices never heard of sadly departed family members and loved ones and just recently a few Weding Ceremonies where my customers had celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversaries and had these tapes transferred to digital for future family keepsakes, in fact I have just two days ago transferred a Reel to Reel tape from 1957 recorded in Ashburton Devon with a breakfast reception at the local Town Hall.

In a previous BLOG I had mentioned the restoration of some long lost reel to Reel Tapes of the Fivepenny Piece and as a result of restoring the songs they have been now compiled and released by the Fivepenny Piece Fan Club on a special edition CD of 20 Songs which contain some never heard before tracks take a look at

for a brief overview of the CD which can be purchased via the Fan Club which can be found at it was a real pleasure to have been part of the project as I understand there are only a couple of surviving original band members now and if you wanted to read more of their history take a look at

Christmas time still brings in some of your favourite Christmas music for transfer to digital either from vinyl or audio cassettes and back in August had a 78 rpm record to transfer of a solo christmas song from 1947.

Well must put on my headphones and do some more editing this time on some audio cassettes.

welcome To 2022

This will be the start of my 19th year running my small business MK vinyl 2
CD, some customers do ask how I came by my business name, did the MK stand
for ‘Mark’ as in the Christian name or was it like the older days of Ford
Cortina motor cars MK 1, MK 2 etc well nothing quite as grand it was quite
simply where I was living at the timeof starting my business that being
Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, I had searched for vinyl2cd but this was
taken by another domain so I opted to put the MK in front and that got the
turntables turning!

The principles of transferring analogue audio to digital has not changed in
those years but equipment certainly has and there are many choices out there
for customers to choose from fromturntables, cassette decks that you simply
plug into a computer and it will transfer the audio for you. It sounds
simple and in most cases it does what it says on the tin so to speak but
often overrall control of the finished result is limited to a silicone chip
pre-set to do the analogue to digital change a sort of one size fits all
approach which can suit some purposes.

I have put some more information about our digital transfer process in
previous BLOGS so feel free to have a read if you wish and you will soon
gleam that I do not use plug in turntables or cassette decks but use high
end equipment to produce the best I can in the finished work.

Reel to Reel tapes have again this ear dominated the work flow and again I
thing the pandemic has steered customers to having more time at home and
investigating lofts, garages and cupboards finding those audio gems to be
transferred from analogue to digital to be preserved and in many cases
copies produced to pass on to sons and daughters and grandchildren for
future generations, customers often tell me they have never heard their late
Grandparents voices and this so often can be such a powerful media.

We must remember in the days of the 1950s, 60 & 70s there was not much movie
making facilities around for the domestic market and ease of capturing the
moments was nothing like today with the use of smart phones, and in truth
the sound came first in recordings then movie cameras came in but were
separate to sound and it was slightly later that integrating the sound and
picture came together but only for those who had the finance to purchase the
very bulky equipment and the patience and technical know how to manage it.

Our Most Used File Formats.

Many of us have computers at home or in the workplace. We may type a
document or an email and this for example can be saved for future use. The
file would need to be stored in an appropriate format that is compatible
with the software or program we are using, if using Microsoft Word then it
would most likely be a document file and this would be best saved with the
style of font, layout and any images in full (uncompressed), thus using more
storage space on our device. By contrast we could save the document as a
standared text file in MS Notepad which would strip the font, layout and
remove images so a basic (compressed) level but would save a great amount of
storage space on our device but take away the splendour of our work.

the same applies to audio or sound files we have to choose or use the most
suitable type of format for future use. Most importantly the format should
be compatible with the software or equipment we are playing the audio file

For example the standard CD Player uses either shop bought music CDs and 99%
of these players will also be fine for playing CDr (CD readable only) type
disks such as the ones we create ourselves (providing our computer has a CD
burner). The file format used in this case is .CDA which stands for CD

In storage & playing back audio two main categories exist LOSSY or LOSSLESS.

Lossy is audio that has been compressed to save storage space on devices and
in compressing the files sound information is removed at a less significant
level such as high and low frequencies that thousands of listeners would not
detect however it is sometimes possible to compare two tracks on the lossy
and lossless types and hear a difference, it goes without saying you would
have to be playing on high end equipment probably via headphones and an
ideal listening environment (no external background noise) the most common
LOSSY file is MP3 these files also allocate a small amount of space for data
for identity information in showing music titles, artist, genre etc
providing the identity tagging function is incorporated.

LOSSLESS by comparison is an uncompressed audio file with the complete audio
frequency range where possible, nothing is removed and it will be a much
larger digital file and of course the best sound it is essentially the raw
recording and can be 10 times larger than the compressed type file.

.WAV file
Is a raw uncompressed audio format created by Microsoft and IBM. Without a
doubt it is the most popular lossless recording format in the studio and one
that we use here at capturing the audio from analogue
media such as LPs, Audio Cassettes and Reel to Reel Tapes.

Is a Lossy audio file that uses a compression type algorithm to reduce the
overall file size. You can get slightly better MP3 files if they are saved
in a higher bit rate we use a high 320 kbps which is the amount of bits per
second but again uses more storage than the much used 128 kbps. It is
important to remember though once you have saved a recording from lossless
to lossy there is no going back.

FLAC stands for Free Lossless audio Codec (CODEC simply relates to the
ability to either Compress or Decompress) Flac has probably become one of
the most popular lossless storage formats available since its introduction
in the early 2000s. the clever thing is that FLAC can compress an original
source file like .WAV by up to 60 percent without losing a single bit of
data. With this in mind if you have the facility to play .FLAC files your
listening experience is going to be fantastic providing you have the high
end equipment to make use of this format.

In summary we record the audio in the .wav waveform and it is stored in this
way on our hard drives. From there we edit and compile the files in that
same format. It is only when we come to move that recorded work we would
then alter it to make it compatible with the appropriate storage / playback
equipment and this is where we can tailor the audio to our customers needs.

In our use most popular is the CD compact Disk and this is probably due to
the abundance of CD playing devices. Some choose MP3 as quite possibly if
the captured media is a basic home recording from a reel to Reel Tape and
there is a few hours then MP3 is more than suitable however in comparison
very few customers have the audio supplied in a .FLAC format which can only
at this time relate to the lesser amount of equipment which plays that

There are for those amongst us many very technical articles written on the
subject of file formats but if you are like me a just love to listen to
music person then I hope this short item offers an introduction to the file
formats used and if you want to read more then take a look at

Best Wishes For 2021

my first short BLOG for 2021 and it is firstly to wish all customers past
and present all good wishes for the forthcoming year.

although we are still walking through the dark tunnel of COVID19 I think we
can at least see a glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel, it
would be fantastic if the positive progress would move on with a pace equal
to the lighter evenings and the change of clocks in March, we can only hope.

I know many customers do not read fully webpages related to businesses they
choose to deal with and like anyone it is more important sometimes to get on
with the job and read only what you need to know.

I thought I would share with you my reflection on 2020 aside from any COVID
related issues started with the retirement of my Guide Dog Zag on 24 January
2020 he was nearly ten years old the average age for retiring a working
Guide Dog, Zag had some arthritis in his right shoulder and right elbow and
I was having to reduce his workload to help him manage the arthritis
discomfort but like many dogs and humans aside from work they do not always
appreciate slowing down and resting a bit more (myself included) so I was
already on the waiting list for a replacement Guide Dog to hopefully pave
the way for a smoother transition in retiring Zag and starting with a new

This is where COVID19 comes in as due to the lock down across the UK the
guide Dog Association For The Blind along with thousands of other
organisations had to pretty much close their doors and so on average I would
perhaps had to wait 3 to 6 months for a match for a new dog I am still
waiting nearly one year on and considering my independent mobility relies
solely on a Guide Dog and has been that since my first ever Guide Dog ‘Reo’
back in Leamington Spa May 1992 the common phrase grounded rings true.

In my audio transfer work there has been a definite trend for customers more
than before to have reel to Reel tapes and 78rpm private recorded records
transferred to digital to be passed on to younger generations for the

I have taken some time over the Christmas Break to install a new computer in
my workroom and to do that vital upkeep on existing equipment ready to meet
those audio challenges now we are in the New Year.

our Work Goes On…

since my last post there have been many changes in our lives still coping
with the COVID pandemic and although in many cases we have sort of evolved
in the way we cope, wearing masks in shops, social distancing and making
decisions about where we go and what we do to make us feel safe.

My work in audio transfer has increased probably due to many people taking
time to discover old media found in lofts and cupboards, in particular Reel
to Reel Tapes to have transferred to digital for the future possibly
thinking along the lines of now or never maybe a sort of ‘nesting’ feeling
that we may desire to get things in order while we can for passing on keep
sakes or family treasures, I think it gives a comfort zone in taking control
of what was in the past.

I have been fortunate to be able to keep my work going as it would only stop
if there were no demand and although initially there was a noted downturn in
personal callers again with social distancing customers now bring media to
the door and then collect when done, before customers were invited in and
got a look at the workroom where ‘it all goes on!’

I still thrive on those long unheard gems of audio and often wonder how and
why certain medial comes to my attention just this week I was asked to
transfer from a part full 7 inch ‘Master’ Reel to reel two songs done back
in 1969 by a young Les Charles whilst seeking an opening in the music world
and this reel was two songs recorded at Pye Studios by Les Charles with his
very first manager, it seemed no one was really interested in the songs that
Les had written and performed however that young man later was known as
Billy Ocean a more popular name in music throughout the 1970s and 80s and
still is making music today


Over the past 16 years I have worked on a variety of projects for hundreds of customers
using our audio transfer services and even in these times living under the
early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic our work, (greatly reduced workload),
still goes on, thankfully the Postal & Parcel services are doing a fantastic
job of serving the nation in so many ways delivering not only essential
items but also goods that personal customers need to support themselves and
their loved ones along the way.

It goes without saying that the frontline workers in all aspects of the
health Services are doing an immensely valuable job in a bid to save lives
and this is reflected in the nations response to the Clap for Carers
nationwide applause to thank our NHS and key workers – here’s how to get
involved it is so easy just either open your window, stand outside your
front door or in the back garden at 8.00pm on Thursday evening and offer a
rousing round of applause for a couple of minutes – you won’t be alone!

We must also think of thousands of others supporting the country to keep us
all fed goods delivery drivers, food growers, food suppliers & processors
and undoubtley the shop staff themselves who are in work and in the midst of
thousands of people everyday with much more chance of contracting the virus
than those who can of course stay at home.

If you have like others taken time to commence a project of perhaps sorting
out favourite LP Records or Singles, audio Cassette Tapes, or come across
some reel to Reel Tapes in that box in the back of the cupboard then feel
free to contact us to offer advice in transferring that audio gem to digital
we are only an email, phone call or indeed Post Box away. some of our
customers are using delivery Services like DPD or Parcelforce to have their
packages collected from outside their front door and delivered to us which
means no trip to the post Office.

In closing, I hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe in these
challenging times and of course at the time of posting this it is still very
early days in the lock down process in our bid to stop the spread of this
dreadful virus and gradually move us all back to a more acceptable way of

Nearly March

Here we are 25 February 2020 and I have had a busy start to this decade! I often look back at trends in the audio transfer work that I do and without any question of doubt there is a definite upturn in the amount of Reel To Reel Tapes that I have been transferring going back to around October last year, I had at that time a very interesting audio transfer project for which involved transferring the magnetic tape archives of the Handbell ringers Great Britain, some of the recordings on Reel to Reel Tape were from the late 1960s as well recordings through the 1970s and 80s, this also included some audio cassette tapes, I recorded many hours of handbell sounds into a digital format and supplied the finished audio on a USB memory Stick so now in readiness they have safely stored in digital format their audio history for the new decade. As much of my work is generated by word of mouth, without question the bestform of advertising, I completed the Handbell ringers Of Great britain Project and with a recommendation from them I then undertook an audio transfer project for the Chagford Local History Society based here in Devon, this involved their own over 30 audio cassettes and a few Mini Disks all recorded in the late 1980s & early 1990s of villagers in around Chagford being interviewed about memories of their past in the locality they have their own website and has so many interesting topics relating to the village and I know some of the audio interviews will appear on the website in due course. The amount of reel to Reel Tapes out there must be vast as not a week goes by without customers asking about the audio transfer of tapes that they have. In most cases it is never known the actual running time of the reels as in the day there was a standard speed of 3.75 ips (inches per second) however many tape recorders of the 1960s & 70s did have variable speeds of recording and this is what makes it difficult to estimate until you actually put the tape on the deck, first check is to judge if the tape will run smoothly as many do have issues due to degrading over the time and I have to work out how it was recorded, speed, track selection before I can start the audio capturing. generally once up and running and the audio is playing okay I can then keep a watch on the tape recorder but at the same time do some editing etc on another file as it would not be very viable to just sit and listen to everything in real time, for instance I did recently some Capital Radio broadcasts of the late Kenny Everett and the tape was recorded in mono tracks two per side making a total of 8 hours of audio captured from just one 7 inch spool at 3.75 ips. A fair few customers now opt for a USB memory Stick to store the audio as it offers a great deal of flexibility, firstly you caneasily make a back up of the work on a PC or Laptop, you can produce a CD if you wish (providing you have a CD / DVd burner( and you can share the audio files to other family members electronically using programs like Drop Box or One Drive or send a smaller file by email attachment. Long Play vinyl records commonly known as LPs are still coming in for transfer to digital despite the vast amount of music on download through Apple Music, spotify to name but two there are so many LPs and of course 7 inch singles that have never been released in a digital format and can be transferred into a format that you can use. This has been a small insight into what goes on here at MK vinyl 2 CD based in the small seaside town of Exmouth, East Devon. Take care!

Merry Christmas 2019

Just want to share a brief reflection of why I love my work, I was contacted
by a 93 year old gentleman from Glasgow who had an audio cassette he
recently found, the recording was of his now 86 year old sister playing
piano and singing, this recording was made by this gentlemen 40 years ago.  
His sister  who is now sadly in a nursing home has no means of playing the
cassette and did not know it was still around, I was sent the cassette to
transfer to digital and put on a Cd, the tape was not in great shape so I
needed to bake it to dry it out so it would hopefully run smoothly time was
of the essence as the tape only arrived on Thursday morning I put the tape
into bake for 10 hours, I then recorded the audio to digital, there were no
gaps between the songs so I had to find the end and start of each song and
put in fade in and fade outs with a short gap, there were 18 songs, I then
transferred this to Cd with an extra copy at no charge as a gesture of
goodwill so he could keep a copy for himself.

I posted the package by special Delivery yesterday, I phoned him to let him
know the delivery status at 9.00 this morning, just in case he was going
out, luckily royal Mail has an app that tracks the package and is accessible
on my iphone it told me the package would be delivered before 1.00pm today.

The gentle man phoned me at 12.45 to say the package arrived safely at 10.30
and he had spent a lovely hour listening to his sister singing and he is
taking the CD to her in the nursing home on Christmas Eve her fellow
residents have never heard her sing so it is a surprise to his sister to get
a CD and the other residents will hear her sing, he said it had made his
Christmas and I was a true gentleman for working so hard to get the Cd back
to him and the time taken in tidying up the recording.

To me this was the reward for my work making a very  old man  and his sister
so happy for Christmas as he said to me he and his sister may not be around
next year, very thought provoking and certainly tugged at my heart strings.

Merry Christmas


Finally the time has come for a price increase

And Now the time Has come and We Face Our first Price Increase For Six years !
Like any business we have for a few years absorbed the costs of running  the business, Postal Costs, Equipment costs and more importantly when 
trying to maintain retro equipment the costs for parts and the use of good engineers has soarred, as an example the overhaul of a tape deck was just 
under £300 recently, the cost for 78rpm stylus are now at £110 each and I need to keep four sizes, the stylus for my main turntable costs £225 and 
now  I have made the decision to increase my prices but on a comparison with other audio transfer businesses I hope to  remain the most favourable 
on price and reliability having been in existence for now 16 years.
12 inch LPs Both Sides £19.00 
12 inch EPs Both Sides £15.00 
7 inch Singles Both Sides £9.00 
7 inch EPs Both Sides £12.00 
78 rpm Discs Both Sides (Shellac & Acetates) £15.00 
Cassette Tapes Up to 60 minutes (per tape) £18.00 
Cassette Tapes 60 to 75 minutes (per tape) £21.00 
Cassette Tapes 75 to 90 minutes (per tape) £24.00 
Reel to Reel Tapes Per Hour Rate £18.00 
Minidisks Per Hour Rate £18.00 
The above prices do not include postage and packing as this varies according to weight and service used.
I still like to think that I go the extra quarter mile to deliver the high standard of service and quality customers expect and customers remain true and 
loyal and have a few tapes or records transferred a couple of times per year to spread the costs when they have large quantities to do.
Our Testimonial page at shows the feelings of our past customers and as always we are pleased to be of help.
Gary Ankin
Professional Audio Transfer – Established 2003
Tel: 01395 274557
If you are satisfied with our service please take a moment to either Like us, recommend us or write a review about us on Facebook, or email a Testimonial for our webpage.
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Thoughts aloud!

Thoughts aloud !
Keeping busy doing the physical work (audio transfer) means I do neglect Facebook and writing bits and pieces on the MK vinyl 2 CD pages, I know it is something we should do but when push comes to shove 
would customers prefer to get their audio transfer projects back in reasonable time and would it be a fair excuse to say ‘sorry I have been so busy updating my Facebook Page, Twitter tweets, Google My Business, Testimonial on the Web Page and blogs for my site as well and sorry but my prices will have to go up as I am having to spend quite a few hours a week writing words for itall.
What a moaning person I am today, well currently I have just transferred a Cassette to Cd and now doing some back ups of my work files which will take a few hours as there are hundreds of audio files to format and 
The Reel to Reel Tapes have been coming through in abundance lately I think sometimes the New Year gets people in the mindset of getting some of those audio projects done rather than sitting in the cupboard 
degrading further until maybe just a few monts down the line the tape will not smoothly run and cannot be transferred and the audio contents becomes lost forever.
I often ponder about the amount of vinyl records  I transfer and there is still so much out there that is untapped, unplayed and never heard I guess some people do not realise the merits of the power of audio 
especially thos treasured family gems, I recently did a couple of 78rpm shellac records from 1933 and they were priceless to the owner as they contained voices of Great Grandparents which had never been heard by 
current members ofthe the family.
I have also completed this week an ongoing project for a family of 22 reel to Reel Tapes being recorded mostly back in Malta in the late 1960s when they were stationed with the forces there.
I have also had a fair few audio cassettes to transfer ranging from family telling stories of WW2, memories of the Somerset and Dorset Railway back in the early 1960s in particular the winter of 63 with snow drifts in the 
area literally covering the train!
Also very memorable was a Reel to Reel tape from 1988 which held 3.5 minutes of audio of the customers late Mother and the only voice recording in existence.
Again all testimony to the power of audio.  So if you have any media to transfer do not delay in getting it transferred as it may be lost forever.  Take a look at you can read a bit about us and what we do.