Brief Update

Things have been a bit quiet over the Summer maybe everyone has been out and about enjoying the lovely warm sunshine and that relative freedom since the previous lockdowns.

Amazingly there are still many Reel to Reel Tapes out there revealing those audio gems from the past and voices never heard of sadly departed family members and loved ones and just recently a few Weding Ceremonies where my customers had celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversaries and had these tapes transferred to digital for future family keepsakes, in fact I have just two days ago transferred a Reel to Reel tape from 1957 recorded in Ashburton Devon with a breakfast reception at the local Town Hall.

In a previous BLOG I had mentioned the restoration of some long lost reel to Reel Tapes of the Fivepenny Piece and as a result of restoring the songs they have been now compiled and released by the Fivepenny Piece Fan Club on a special edition CD of 20 Songs which contain some never heard before tracks take a look at

for a brief overview of the CD which can be purchased via the Fan Club which can be found at it was a real pleasure to have been part of the project as I understand there are only a couple of surviving original band members now and if you wanted to read more of their history take a look at

Christmas time still brings in some of your favourite Christmas music for transfer to digital either from vinyl or audio cassettes and back in August had a 78 rpm record to transfer of a solo christmas song from 1947.

Well must put on my headphones and do some more editing this time on some audio cassettes.