Best Wishes For 2021

my first short BLOG for 2021 and it is firstly to wish all customers past
and present all good wishes for the forthcoming year.

although we are still walking through the dark tunnel of COVID19 I think we
can at least see a glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel, it
would be fantastic if the positive progress would move on with a pace equal
to the lighter evenings and the change of clocks in March, we can only hope.

I know many customers do not read fully webpages related to businesses they
choose to deal with and like anyone it is more important sometimes to get on
with the job and read only what you need to know.

I thought I would share with you my reflection on 2020 aside from any COVID
related issues started with the retirement of my Guide Dog Zag on 24 January
2020 he was nearly ten years old the average age for retiring a working
Guide Dog, Zag had some arthritis in his right shoulder and right elbow and
I was having to reduce his workload to help him manage the arthritis
discomfort but like many dogs and humans aside from work they do not always
appreciate slowing down and resting a bit more (myself included) so I was
already on the waiting list for a replacement Guide Dog to hopefully pave
the way for a smoother transition in retiring Zag and starting with a new

This is where COVID19 comes in as due to the lock down across the UK the
guide Dog Association For The Blind along with thousands of other
organisations had to pretty much close their doors and so on average I would
perhaps had to wait 3 to 6 months for a match for a new dog I am still
waiting nearly one year on and considering my independent mobility relies
solely on a Guide Dog and has been that since my first ever Guide Dog ‘Reo’
back in Leamington Spa May 1992 the common phrase grounded rings true.

In my audio transfer work there has been a definite trend for customers more
than before to have reel to Reel tapes and 78rpm private recorded records
transferred to digital to be passed on to younger generations for the

I have taken some time over the Christmas Break to install a new computer in
my workroom and to do that vital upkeep on existing equipment ready to meet
those audio challenges now we are in the New Year.