Bristol testimony of our tape cassette to CD transfer service

Found Gary’s MK VINYL 2 CD on Google and decided to ask him to do what he could to improve the sound on a home made cassette tape of friends made in the mid-seventies. Did not expect too much as the recordings were made in bedrooms and bathrooms over forty years ago on a small Phillips cassette recorder and had become virtually unlistenable due to the tape hiss. However, the end result is absolutely outstanding and I am once again able to listen clearly to old friends trying to be the new Simon & Garfunkel! (It never happened). Gary clearly runs a professional business and kept in touch during the proceedings, keeping me advised and up to date. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any similar work you may be contemplating. His charges are more than fair and you will not be disappointed. Go on, treat yourself!

Testimonial by GT in Bristol

We don’t use those plug in USB cassette decks that are flooding the market but use high end equipment to get the best results we can from your tape cassettes. We use TEAC & Revox Cassette Decks with Cedar Audio hardware to enhance the results of the recordings by reducing unwanted hiss & noise on tape to CD, along with equipment from Sony, Akai, Sanyo and periphals from goldring, Ortofon and Creative Labs, Denon & JVC, over £20,000 of equipment in total which shows we are passionate about what we do!

There are no shortcuts everything analogue being transferred to digital has to be first recorded in real-time, edited in most cases to ensure the sound file is of a good standard, Generally you will get approx 80 minutes of audio onto a CD, more if you have the CD in an MP3 format, you will need a CD player that will manage your MP3 disc, a PC or DVD player will usually do this but not always your Hi Fi CD player.

If in Bristol and want your tape cassette on CD, give us a shout.

If and when you choose to transfer any LP records, Cassettes or Reel to Reel Tapes by us, you’ll only need do it once – you then have your music or audio for many years to come, we don’t charge £35 an hour studio time, but we do charge a fair price for a good job done, and which saves you hours of time and frustration trying to use unfamiliar software and equipment to do your own. See our price list or see some frequently asked questions..

You can see more like this on our testimonials page or see details on our transfer services page to learn about what we can do for you and read about Gary Ankin the man behind MK Vinyl2CD serving people from Bristol.